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The first self-disinfecting, retractable, non-slip mat for veterinary exam tables

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Deliver comfort and efficiency to vet exams

At AutoMat, we believe that the veterinary experience for pets, pet parents, and the veterinary staff can be a great one! Our goal is to create a relaxing environment for pets, save clinics time and money, promote stellar sanitation practices, all while keeping it eco-friendly. We’ve only just started, but we already know that AutoMat can be be the solution clinics are seeking.

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The AutoMat Team

In Spring 2018, our team met at an animal health hackathon. All coming from a veterinary background, we were determined to create a product aligned with the Fear Free movement that would improve the veterinary exam experience. The slippery exam tables is one of the greatest sources of fear in the clinic. Current non-slip solutions are not easily disinfected and are harmful to the environment. We aimed to create the first self-disinfecting and non-slip mat that is eco-friendly. The idea of AutoMat was formed.

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